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RE: how can i extract part of a string

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by M Wells, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. M Wells

    M Wells
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    This worked great for me but had to add a comma between " ". Query runs
    fine, but when I drop this field into my header, I am getting a Invalid
    procedure call.

    "Dennis" wrote:

    > Assuming there is always a space in your string, create an update query with
    > the field (I have called it Partcode) as the only column. In the Update To:
    > row put this
    > Left([PartCode],InStr(1,[PartCode]," ",0)-1)
    > "basara" wrote:
    > > I have a field which consists of some thing like "R1113L Fuse part23 dxl" , I
    > > want only the first part, so whatever after the first space, i want to trim
    > > it off. Is there a way to run an update query to do it?
    > >
    > > Thanks...
    > >
    > > --
    > > someone in trouble
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