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Re: Help with IIF statement

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by kpdorset, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. kpdorset

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    First time I've ever tried to answer a question on a forum so I'll
    probably be wrong but your problem intrigued me so I practiced and got
    IIf (IsNull[first2] , [firstNM], [firstNM] & " and " &
    [first1]) to work

    robert Wrote:
    > I may have the wrong expression but here is my situation:
    > I have 4 database fields:
    > firstNM - users FIRST NAME
    > lastNM - users LAST NAME
    > first1 - users spouses first name
    > first2 - users spouses last name
    > not all entrys have spouses, but my database is large and I'm trying
    > to
    > build a 'salutation' expression that merges these fields based on
    > criteria, I think I need to us IIF but I havent gotten it right yet,
    > here is my current code:
    > salutation: iif ([first2] IS NULL, [firstNM], [firstNM] & " and " &
    > [first1])
    > translated: if the user does not list a spouse the 'salutation' column
    > should ONLY list the first name or 'Joe", but if the user does have a
    > spouse, the 'salutation' column should list the first name of both
    > entrys, or "Joe and Mary". ...
    > If there is a spouse, it works fine, i get 'Joe and Mary', but if
    > there
    > is no spouse I get this 'Joe and' where am I going wrong?
    > all 4 columns a required: no, allow zero length: yes

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