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Re: Controlling Access with external commands

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Larry Linson, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Larry Linson

    Larry Linson
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    I am not aware of the programming language used by Oracle Forms, but if it
    supports using COM (Microsoft's Component Object Model), then you can
    control Access, which is COM-compliant.

    For examples, from http://groups.google.com, search on COM and Access, in
    the USENET newsgroup comp.databases.ms-access and the
    microsoft.public.access databases carried by groups.google.

    Larry Linson
    Microsoft Access MVP

    "Jordan C. Schroeder" <JordanCSchroeder@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
    message news:B0C48E5F-68EC-4E6B-BBB1-F5EA26CA28CD@microsoft.com...
    > Hello,
    > I am developing an application that will input values into an Access db
    > once
    > the records have been retrieved from an Oracle db. I am using Oracle
    > forms
    > to control the application on the client machine using text commands.
    > What I
    > am looking for is a list of commands that will enable me to open a new db,
    > import records, save the file, and close the app. I believe these
    > commands
    > are referred to as DispId's, but I am unsure.... If anyone could either
    > point me to a reference where I can find the naming conventions, or
    > explain
    > how I can read the Object Library to pull the functions out.
    > Cheers!
    > Jordan
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