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How can I make a document hypenate words??

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by hwbuxton, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. hwbuxton

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  3. Rick B

    Rick B
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    Your question does not seem related to Microsoft Access - the topic of this

    If you are asking a WORD question, please post it in a Word newsgroup. You
    should use the large white area provided, not just the "subject:" line and
    include details about what you are trying to do. I assume you mean
    hyphenate, not hypenate?

    Rick B

    "hwbuxton" <hwbuxton@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
  4. Joseph Meehan

    Joseph Meehan
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    1.. On the Tools menu, point to Language, and then click Hyphenation.
    2.. Select the Automatically hyphenate document check box.
    3.. In the Hyphenation zone box, enter the amount of space to leave
    between the end of the last word in a line and the right margin.
    To reduce the number of hyphens, make the hyphenation zone wider. To
    reduce the raggedness of the right margin, make the hyphenation zone

    4.. In the Limit consecutive hyphens to box, enter the number of
    consecutive lines that can be hyphenated.
    That and more is in the Word help file.

    Sorry. This is a newsgroup dedicated to questions about Access, the
    database program in Office Professional. It appears your question may not
    be related to these subjects. The Microsoft help system is not all that
    clear and may have misdirected you here.

    It is best to ask your questions in a newsgroup dedicated to the
    subject of your question. You should find people better able to address
    your problem there.
    http://tc2.atspace.com/0013-HowToSearch.htm#FindNewsgroup may help.

    Note: It is always best to indicate the name and version of any
    program(s) you may be using when asking a question and also indicate the
    operating system (like Windows XP or 98) when you ask a question.

    Joseph Meehan

    Dia duit
    "hwbuxton" <hwbuxton@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message

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