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Easy MACRO Question

Discussion in 'Information Technology' started by Brian B, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Brian B

    Brian B
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    I'm trying to implement a MACRO that seems pretty simple. When I check
    on a checkbox in my ordering form, I want a subform to become visible.
    I've got the subform default as MODAL, I can handle that part, I don't
    think there's anything else I need to do there...but when I check on
    the checkbox to which I've applied a SET VALUE MACRO with
    ITEM: [Forms]![SubForm Title]
    Expression: [Forms]![Sub form Title].Visible

    to occur ON Click when I check on the approved button, I get "The
    object you reference in the Visual Basic Procedure as an OLE Object
    isn't an OLE Object."

    Please assist.

    Just learning to walk at this point.

    -Brian B
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  3. Ron2006

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    If the subform is already on your main form, but simply not visible,
    you do not need a macro.

    In the onclick event simply say

    me.[subform name].visible = true

    You may also have to put in the oncurrent event of your main form
    me.[subform name].visible = False
    otherwize once it is on it will stay on.

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