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Bhagat Puran Singh

Discussion in 'Bhagat Puran Singh' started by Neutral Singh, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

    Bhagat Puran Singh Ji is undoubtedly the single Sikh Hero of this century who worked totally selflessly all his life to provide the last hope to the mentally and terminally ill patients. Whenever he use to see a deserted dead body (human or animal) immediately he would prepare (by his own hand) a grave and give the human or animal a deserving respect of death. He was to Sikhism, what Mother Teresa is to Catholicism.

    Against the backdrop of violence and poverty in 1947 he established a premier institute which takes care of sick, disabled and forlorn persons. Whatever money and financial resources he could gathered he used it to establish this institute. It is also believed that he was almost nominated to receive Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 but by not giving him prize it was the loss of sick and disabled persons as well as Nobel Prize committee. His life story is a saga of grit, determination, faith in the almighty and unending love for the suffering humanity.

    Bhagat Puran Singh, born at Rajewal, Distt. Ludhiana on June 4 1904., at the house of Chaudhari Chibu Mal and Mehtab Kaur. In an interview to Patwant Singh Bhagat Puran Singh discloses how he became a Sikh ,in his early life he use to travel a lot from village to village and would stay at a Hindu Temple. One day when he was staying at a Temple Brahmins told him to clean the temple and then when he was done they sat in front of him and ate the food without offering him., Incidentally next time he had to stay at a Gurdwara and Bhai ji of Gurdwara not only gave him good food but also a cot and a glass of milk afterwards., without asking for any sewa for Gurdwara. After this Bhagat Puran Singh didn't even thought twice and became a Khalsa.

    He set out in life for the service of the suffering humanity- the greatest religion. He founded Pingalwara in 1947 with a few discarded patients. He was also a writer as well as publisher and an environmentalist. Pingalwara is a very big home of human service. Bhagat Ji's contribution in spreading awareness about the global dangers of environment pollution, increasing soil erosion etc are also commendable. His dedication was awarded with heaps of honours by many quarters. Prestigious among these was the Padamshri award in 1979, which he surrendered in the wake of the army attack on the Golden Temple in 1984. He left for his heavenly abode on August 5, 1992.

    As a sturdy youth of moderate means about 70 years ago, Bhagat Puran Singh saw a little boy who couldn’t walk. He decided to be the boy’s carrier "Until the latter could use his own legs".

    The boy never did and Bhagat Puran Singh carried him on his shoulders until the time he himself became too frail to walk. And he decided to collect humans who did not have the abilit to help themselves. His Pingalwara became a home for orphans, mentally retarded persons and, the totaly deprived sections of society. It was a primitive place and neither society nor the State helped. The media winked a lot, took occasional notice and lapsed back to winking. But Bhagat Puran Singh carried on.

    He remained an avid collector ever since. He collected "human pebbles" from the streets and housed them in Pingalwara. He collected funds, in driblets rather than droves, to run it. And he collected all the purposeful articles in the newspapers and magazines writings on the economy, environment, public health, population, etc. -- published booklets of these and distributed them free to interested people. The front page of newspapers never interested him. It was amazing to see how his eyes went straight to reports and write-ups dealing with human problems and welfare. He lived all his life for others and packed 72 hours of activity in a normal day.

    At this time Pingalwara is run by Dr Inder Jit Kaur, she is also President of All India Pingalwara Charitable Society(Regd). She has embarked upon a mission to produce a movie on the life of Bhai Puran Singh Ji. Please spread this information.

    Source: Pingalwara

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  2. harbansj24

    harbansj24 SPNer

    I have a hazy memory of the following incident:

    As a 5 or 6 year old, my father and I were traveling in a 3rd class compartment in a train somewhere in Punjab. Some where en route a simple man carrying handicapped boy boarded the train. It was a cold winter morning and the boy was shivering. My father inquired from the man about the boy. The man quietly said that he had found the boy with no one to take care of him, so he was taking him along to a small place in Amritsar where he housed such children.

    I was lying on the wooden seat with a blanket on top of me. My father took the blanket and wrapped it around the boy. The man (His name was Puran Singh) was touched and he thanked my father.

    I understand that when he was awarded the Padamshri by the Govt. of India, he did not go to the President's house to receive it. So when a high ranking bureaucrat went to Amritsar to hand it over to him, he could not find him. He ultimately found him nearby swabbing the floor clean.

    I would rank him even above mother Teressa. Mother Teressa has done a fabulous work. But she did receive international funding and media coverage. Bhagat Puran Singh had neither nor did he seek it.
  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Sawa lakh se EK larraoan SPNer

    THIS is the ONE and ONLY TRUE "Baba" after the time of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Banda Singh ranked in MIRI..Puran Singh ranked in PIRI.
    Pooran Singh established no DERAS, didnt shut himslef up in some BHORA SAHIB to do "naam japp Kamaii"...didnt travel in any MERCEDES/AC tata Sumos...didnt sleep on luxury dunlop mattresses...established no huge marble Gurdwaras (as front for goluck collections), made no "OVERSEAS TRIPS...ostensibly for Parchaar/Amrit Sanskaar/Kirtan Darbaars/ Tours etc"....just stayed back in His PINGALWARRA...mopping the floors...serving the disadvantaged...WRITING EXCELLENT BOOKS on GURBANI...pamphlets on conservation, social problems, doing katha on Gurbani SGGS...and selling those himself to earn income also for the Pingalwara..He never had any "birthday" samagams...where he had the Panj Standing behind him while he blessed the Sangats giving him presents on hsi Janam Din.....and he never had any PHOTO SHOOTS to make Large Posters of himself in various poses for publicity purposes (always the humble kurta pajama and dastaar tied in a Pendu jatka way )..and he never had any contracts with T-Series to make Videos/Gurbani Kirtan Cds/Dvds etc...or about his Pingalwarra..charitable works..a REAL LIFE BHAI GHANIYYA JI of OUR OWN TIME.
    WILL we ever see another Bhagat Pooran Singh....among a virtual DHARR of Sants/babas/Maharjs/Satgurs/Gurus....in Punjab Today ?? There may be one or two hidden jewels...RAHIO SANT ME TOLL..SAADH BAHUTEREH DITTHEY..as Bhagat Kabir Ji says in SGGS....:up::up::up:
  4. Gyani ji,

    Guru Fateh.

    Well said. No one could have said it better and you have depicted the true picture of Bhagat Puran Singh. We just find justifications due to lack of our own efforts when we say that only rare people are like Bhagat Puran Singh ji. If each of us tried to emulate a little bit of what he did which requires efforts, devotion, dedication and perseverance, then there will be a lot more like him and Sikhi demands that from us.

    Tejwant Singh
  5. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Sawa lakh se EK larraoan SPNer

    Tejwant Ji, Gurfateh.

    You just hit me...real hard..where it really hurts...YES I am guilty of not emulating him enough...i always wish i could do a bit more...when i first contacted Pingalwara many many years ago..Dr Inderjit kaur the very able , totally dedicated and qualified caretaker that Bahagt ji left behind, they sent me a bundle of books by Bhagat Ji..and i was awestruck by his immense "learning"..he had books penned almost on all subjects..science, gurbani, history, greening of the earth, social customs, cutting forests, conserving water resources, etc etc..his "knowledge" seemed to me to be beyond a normal human being..NO SANT or any Sant dera has ever put out any book on anysubject that he wrote himself (unless it was the praises of his predecessor written in miracle style or to promote his style of maryada and gurbani aarths)....THAT and his personal LIFESTYLE showed he is a TRUE descendant/WARIS of the Sikhi of Nanak..somethign each and every SIKH worth hsi salt shoudl be...and YES I will try and do more towards that objective. After ALL Waheguru ji sends us ALL equipped with His BEST...we are the ones who SQUANDER it all in the pursuit of MAYA..while the Birleh like bahagt ji use those assets as Waheguru intended us all to use them.
    Thanks for the Wake Up Call...:welcome::welcome:
  6. Gyani ji,

    Guru Fateh.

    My intention was not to hit anyone where it hurts the most but I was only thinking aloud and hitting myself first and foremost. What you said in your earlier post made me think of my own hypocricy of babbling more than putting things in action. This forum has helped me to put things in action but it is a work in progress and I am just going through the baby steps of this long journey which has self created obstacles like justifications, excuses, procrastinations which make one babble and think more with a few or no actions.

    As someone said, " Good actions need no reasons but no actions need a lot of justifications".

    We are all guilty of this and I am on the top of the list.


    Tejwant Singh
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  7. Randip Singh

    Randip Singh SPNer

    Here is the link to the history of the Sikhs website on Bhaghat Puran Singh ji,

    Sikh personalities

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