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Posted 24-May-2013 at 03:34 AM by harry haller

The drugs are making me fuzzy, I am in two minds as to whether I should keep taking them, I was in the butchers yesterday, buying some duck eggs for the ferrets, and the butcher looked at me and said 'harry, have you been smoking something bad', 'of course not' , I replied, and then promptly walked into his veg display and knocked it over.

Ok , good points, no sex drive, no stress, no anger, no frustration, no irritation,

bad points, its artificially induced, I have...
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for ex madmen only

Posted 22-May-2013 at 13:39 PM by harry haller

wolves, clowns, all gone, this blog is about to get very boring indeed, the medication, citalopram, is designed to feed the addictive nature of my brain, and sure enough, it has worked, my sex drive has plunged, my appetite for tasty food has vanished, I have not had an alcoholic drink since,

I have a real bond with Rory, as we have both been castrated in some respect, the madness has gone, the internal struggle has gone, sure it is a bit confusing, I am not quite sure who I am anymore,...
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Daily Amrit Vela Blog - the difficulties, the joys, the methods of this practical journey to self discovery

Posted 21-May-2013 at 20:51 PM by chazSingh
Updated 22-May-2013 at 00:52 AM by chazSingh

A Blog for all that do regular Amrit Vela Nitnem, Simran etc.

Whilst i try to do Amrit Vela every day, some days lifes events come in the way, or the mind brings forth it's excuses and i fall prey and follow.

It would be nice to share this journey with others that wish to try, or are already doing Amrit Vela ... to uplift each other, to inspire each other etc etc. in a practical sense...

no rights, no wrongs ... to learn through actual experience allow...
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an apt quote

Posted 17-May-2013 at 23:34 PM by harry haller

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God"

Hermann Hesse, Demian
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for madman only (II)

Posted 17-May-2013 at 23:11 PM by harry haller

Is there an age limit for being mad? I do not mean stark raving loony tunes, but just a bit mad, slightly mad, mad enough to see things differently, to reject what most people would accept as life, to want to know more, to embrace wisdom, enlightenment, but that isn't madness is it, no madness is behaving, acting in a way that does not conform, although, acting is not true madness, and if you think your mad, then by default you cannot be mad.

Wolves, elves, imps, the images we use...
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