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Good news! getting better Bad news! so is he

Posted 27-Apr-2013 at 15:25 PM by harry haller

The cold is fading, as it fades, so do my cravings, my appetite, my desires, all increase, but there is an end, a point, I have had a glimpse of what life is like without them, and it is very peaceful, very contented, it is busy, it is long sighted, it is very very different.

I cannot keep jumping from one extreme to the other like this,

or can I.
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The effects of starvation

Posted 25-Apr-2013 at 01:24 AM by harry haller

Ok, so its been a few days now on the new wolf starvation diet, which consists of no energy drinks, no crisps, burgers, lustful thoughts, etc etc etc.

The more I get used to life without these, the less I seem to be interested in the madness. Oh the madness, how I used to miss it, how it defined me, but, today, I do not wish for madness. I have a heavy cold, so, yes I have cheated, it is the heavy cold which has made the starvation diet possible, frankly, I have no interest in food,...
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Can I play with madness

Posted 24-Apr-2013 at 17:14 PM by harry haller

Attachments - Sikh Philosophy Network
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For whom the bell tolls-starving the wolf

Posted 16-Apr-2013 at 01:53 AM by harry haller

OK , first day starving the wolf, with nothing to feast on, and nothing to drive him, the wolf has gone to sleep. You would think I am therefore full of love and fluffy things, but I am not. A numbness plagues my soul, a coldness, my humour seems to have gone, I am irritated easier, the gallows humour that keeps me going has all but vanished.

However, on the plus side, life seems a bit more real, the loss of the ability to do whatever it is I wished, and pursue only the true paths,...
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For Madmen only

Posted 12-Apr-2013 at 01:08 AM by harry haller

It is interesting to note that the facets that I hold dear as wolf, have a lot in common with Sikh philosophy. My view of death for instance, as a wolf, I could not care less, every day the game that is played out all over the world, has my full interaction, but I feel apart it, outside it, as a youngster I yearned to be part of it, part of anything, but the more I interacted, the more I became bored, I do not fear death, I have courted it so many times, why would I fear it. In fact, I do not fear...
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