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Fortunate to be the son of the Great Guru Dashmesh

Posted 21-Sep-2013 at 03:11 AM by Gurdeep94


There is one of the millions things that the Sikhs can be proud,
That the singhs can be distinguished from the one lakh crowd.
He attached panj kakar,kanga,kara, kacha kirpan and kesh,
The one who made the khalsa panth is my guru Dashmesh.

Many people are here, who compromises in difficult situation,
No one dare to battle for protecting truth and nation.
A real inspiration...
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a time of innocence-1975,

Posted 16-Sep-2013 at 00:09 AM by harry haller

I watched this with my mom and dad, it was a time of great innocence, I cannot hear the theme without getting misty eyed, in my minds eye, I am smartly dressed, with plaits, still in shorts, but clean ones, and matching socks, but my memories are misplaced, at that age, I had already tried to burn the house down by setting fire to the attic, and managed to reverse dads car onto a busy road,

The truth is I cannot remember a time when the madness, the howling was not there, its always...
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struggle within

Posted 15-Sep-2013 at 23:00 PM by harry haller

Metallica - The Struggle Within (lyrics) - YouTube
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peace in our time

Posted 12-Sep-2013 at 03:06 AM by harry haller

Ahhh peace, peace from the howling, from life, peace, and what has brought about this peace?

Simple, the final realisation that sex is not everything in a relationship, ok, it took me a while, but I did not realise just how wonderful it is to spend time with my wife, my dogs, without thinking constantly about sex, maybe its my own fault, a lifetime spent pursuing pleasure cured by monogamy, only to find my own definition of monogamy seriously warped.

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Posted 10-Sep-2013 at 13:54 PM by harry haller

The last few days have been peaceful, I have been taking the boys for long walks, as Sian, due to the change is having terrible pain in her joints, I am quite enjoying the time with the boys, the puppies are still naughty, and Rory is still constantly trying to fight Bran, but as Rory has no *****, and Bran still has his, he is getting more and more ready to put Rory in his place,

The Range Rover is absolutely falling apart, yes, that is why it was probably so cheap, the air suspension...
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