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chocolate covered peanuts

Posted 03-Apr-2014 at 10:39 AM by harry haller

you mean breakfast!
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right, enough of that!

Posted 02-Apr-2014 at 04:16 AM by harry haller

I play it loud, and I sing at the top of my voice, the dell is now removing spyware, and I attack the mac with renewed spirit, I down a lucozade in one gulp, burp loudly, throw my head back and laugh like a madman, lets go to work
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Posted 02-Apr-2014 at 03:49 AM by harry haller

I am absolutely shattered, normally around this time I am in full swing, but today, I can barely keep my eyes open, maybe its my choice of music, somehow hey little girl by icehouse is not the most upbeat music that I could play, the last 6 months have been hard, but its only when you look at the path behind you wonder how the hell you got through it, I have not had a day off since October, not a sunday, not christmas, not new years, it was not hard, at the time it seemed like the most normal thing...
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Posted 01-Apr-2014 at 13:35 PM by harry haller

I have been here an hour, just picked up another car from the car dealer I sell some cars for, the Audi A6 is now out of tax, it is sitting on my drive, it has been sold 3 times on ebay, but each time the buyer has come up with some pathetic excuse, the latest one being

your very kind but i have a nerve disorder which makes me push buttons on my pc twice maybe four times in a row
brilliant! todays car is a complete and utter dog, bmw 1996 318tds, it has about as much...
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Posted 01-Apr-2014 at 05:16 AM by harry haller

Its getting late again, I keep getting close to the mythical 24 hour day, today its not going to happen, I got in late this morning, 7.45, and my eyelids are closing, again, Im tired, hungry, but warm, I have a mac to my left loading Os 10.4, why? I have no idea, but its the only disc that works, behind me a HP dual core is loading up windows 7, next to that a Dell that came in 30 mins ago is having malware removed, next to that Ghost is cloning a alienware hard drive, some motherboards lie on the...
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