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Desmond Dekker - Israelites 1968

Posted 28-Mar-2014 at 12:45 PM by harry haller
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Trench warfare

Posted 27-Mar-2014 at 12:19 PM by harry haller

there is nothing wrong with a good trench, the challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to fight the war, using the truth only as shield, lance, sword, it defends you, it attacks the enemy, but even with the truth in your armoury, there is nothing like a good trench, nothing like a bit of trench warfare to get the blood moving.

I am fortunate, I feel no fear, for that I have my Sikhi to thank for, in terms of self help, support, motivation, and damned good cheer you cannot beat...
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its late, or early, either way its been a long day

Posted 27-Mar-2014 at 06:20 AM by harry haller

Ok, 16 hours and counting, I think I might be able to get to 24 hours, its half past midnight and I am wide awake, well reasonably wide awake, there is no one about, the streets are deserted, no one can hear my music, so I can play all the stuff that is too embarrassing to play in the daytime, its the best of the gogos!

actually I am not wide awake, My eyelids are heavy, but there is still 4 more machines to finish, when I was a kid I used to fantasise about a room like this, screens...
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got you, you sob

Posted 24-Mar-2014 at 14:00 PM by harry haller

the last two thieves, gone, the wolf is dead, deader than a very dead thing, dead, gone, it took extreme measures, but its gone now, its all over, my brain is now aligned with the truth, but its not enough, we can now add to our list of conquered thieves, lust, the need for intoxicants, gambling, the need to be proud, the need to be egoistical, although traces of both will always exist

so what now, how do i feel, calm, although the fight is far from over, the fight? the fight for...
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well we can all be wrong

Posted 21-Mar-2014 at 14:11 PM by harry haller

I suffer from depression, have done all my life, manic depression, its a gift, I am proud to be one, it means that I can go from being on top of the world to downright suicidal in the blink of an eye, and then back again, writing has helped, howling probably has not, I was wrong yesterday, when I got home the house was tidy, freshly tidied, Sian had been busy, most of the day, so it looked, is it the damn medication, or is it living with me, have I infected her with my madness, does she need the...
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