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My last entry

Posted 13-Apr-2014 at 16:44 PM by harry haller

This is now my last entry in my blog, it has been an experience, I now feel I have sorted out the various money issues, health issues and relationship issues I set out to address, sure life is not perfect, it never will be, but I am grounded in a way that I never have been before, did Sikhism help? well, mumbling words that I do not understand did not, hanging round a temple and making offerings and giving money, nope that was not much good, praying, nope did not do much of that, in short, most...
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I did it, I am finally a husband and a father

Posted 07-Apr-2014 at 02:43 AM by harry haller

Its getting late here, nearly 9pm, 14 hours since I got here, a short day, its been busy, I am tired, Sian has taken to visiting me here and keeping me company for an hour or two just so we get to see each other, the second wind I expected has not happened, and I should really go home now, however, it is possible that a playing of simple minds, live in the city of light might save the day, together with a big bar of chocolate and a cold lucozade, it seems to have done the trick, I am a bit more...
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my first 21 hour day!

Posted 06-Apr-2014 at 04:14 AM by harry haller

just 3 more hours to 24!
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what happened in between

Posted 06-Apr-2014 at 00:10 AM by harry haller

I picked Tom up at 3am, it should have been earlier, but Tom being 22, and out with friends the previous night, was barely awake, I put in my 'best of sam and dave cd', and we set off to 'Soothe me' . I noticed an Essex Police panda car in my rear view, I suddenly remembered the BMW was not on the insurance register, although I was legal to drive it as I hold a motor trade policy, '****' I murmured, 'what?' Tom asked, ' rollers' I replied, Tom mumbled back '****' 'I hope they dont have SCMODS, we...
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Posted 05-Apr-2014 at 16:33 PM by harry haller

nothing like an 8 hour drive to start the day!

back in one piece
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