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The force.......

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Posted 03-Feb-2012 at 13:44 PM by harry haller

Many people have commented on the similarity between Jedi and Sikh Philosophy, they are quite similar.I think that the relationship between actions and what life throws at you is quite distinct, some might call it Karma, but I would call it consonance,

In that vein, I find myself dead against absolutely anything ritualistic, the only thing that seems to matter is learning, and applying, and making every effort to be more like Creator and less like 'me'.

I also have stumbled on a hugely important concept in my development, namely being true to yourself, this is something I have always believed in, and always tried to practice, however I now believe that this is holding me back hugely.

As Sikhs we are constantly changing, evolving, growing, our incarnations hopefully mirror Creator with every reincarnation, and I speak from a personality point of view rather than rebirth. In this state of flux, how can we possibly be true to ourselves? I have realised for instance, when I try and focus away from lust, it is at odds with my desire to be true to myself, as externally I may wish to do behave lovingly and with peace and calmness, but inside, my mind is agitated, the number one rule for me has always been be true to yourself, so in being true to myself, I am unable to continue my external persona, the fact is, habits define you and your thinking, if I was able to come to terms with the fact that I would prefer a loving exterior, and let my mind catch up with it, then for a while, I will not be true to myself, in an effort to change my way of thinking, until everything balances out again, and my way of living catches up with my mental state,

I intend to embrace this for a while and see where it goes,
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