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Sikh Philosophy Network » Blogs » harry haller » Working with Christians
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Working with Christians

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Posted 16-Sep-2011 at 13:51 PM by harry haller

Im working with a christian minister at present, not only is this chap, a nigerian, a minister, but he has also written a book on how to succeed in business using christian methodology. M seems a very gentle soul, every time I ask him a question, he seems to mentally access some part of his brain with the answers, I ask him what he is doing, he replies back, in that musical way that nigerians speak, that he is thinking of the relevant scripture. In fact every spiritual question I ask him, is answered from the scriptures.

So far we have established that although sex is allowed in a christian marriage, there can be no WOOHOO sex. Also it seems most nigerian women are more sex hungry than nigerian men, and this seems to be a common problem in marriages. We had a debate on why we help people, I maintained I helped people for the person, M helped them for god, and was convinced there would be a reward for this help, I tried to put the point forward that this made him expectant for a return of the assistance, he agreed, but said that was ok.

His god is his best friend, he talks to god, god grants him favours, god guides him, I talked to him about god existing in a dog, he looked horrified, so I moved on to my party trick, what a dog mess, at this point he looked like he was about to throw me out, his nose turned up, and he looked angry, ok, ok, I said, do you think a god mess is beautiful? no, of course not, but if you look at it closely, all that life, death, like a mini world, is it not a beauty of gods creation?
no, he said, it is a dogmess, and god does not live in something so offensive. OK, so god just lives in lambs and new born chics, roses, but not crows, worms or weeds, he looked thoughtful, but did not comment.

He is preaching this sunday, I asked if I could go, his face fell, I think the thought of introducing me to his flock made him aghast, do you think you could wear trousers, if you come, of course, i said, and matching socks? , sure! clean t shirt? even better, do you own a button shirt? I thought it probably best I did not go..

The answer to the question 'what is the meaning of life' gave the answer 'to please god', I remarked that my god could not care less about being pleased, and in fact had no interest in my life at all, but his god needed to be pleased, which just have me this mental image of a huge bearded god like figure, in deep displeasure because the mortals were not doing enough to please him.

Still, interesting chap!
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  1. Old Comment
    Ishna's Avatar
    "I said, do you think a god mess is beautiful?"

    Bhaji, I think you've given birth to a new cult: we are all just micro-organisms within a god mess! :P
    Posted 16-Sep-2011 at 17:02 PM by Ishna Ishna is online now
  2. Old Comment
    harry haller's Avatar
    that must be why i feel i am surrounded by poo, although have just realised i wrote god, not dog!

    You mean people actually read this drivel
    Posted 16-Sep-2011 at 17:08 PM by harry haller harry haller is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Ishna's Avatar
    Hanji! But I wouldn't call it drivel. icecreamkaur
    Posted 16-Sep-2011 at 19:27 PM by Ishna Ishna is online now
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