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Sikh Philosophy Network » Blogs » gurvinder_janu » Diffrence between Janju and gatra
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Diffrence between Janju and gatra

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Posted 02-Feb-2008 at 18:11 PM by gurvinder_janu

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Guru Piari Sadh Sangat Ji

I came across this article and thought to share with u.

Hope to know ur valuable opinion too.

Please forgive me.

Gurvinder Kaur

Dear Sir,

Dear Sir, Madam. I believe in Sikhism and a question has raised in my mind while listening the shabad of Guru Nanak Dev ji as they have said" Eh Janeu ji ka Hai tan pande ghat" As they have criticised for wearing a janju for hindus, But I have been advised to wear the gatra. Janju simbolises Hinduism and gatra sikism. So If guru Nanak dav ji says Hindus nees not to have simbols to be be Hindus why do we?

Manpreet Singh
4 Fforster Court , Lucan Dublin
Dear manpreet singhji,

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

Thanks for asking this very important question. You have rightly quoted the bani of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Let us understand the difference between janju and gatra. While Janju is a thread of Hindus which is worn by Hindus. This thread discriminates between Brahamins, Khatris and Vaishvas. While Branhamins wear three layred janju, khatris wear two-layred and vaishwas wear single layred janju. The low caste people are not allowed to wear any janju. there is no explanation for not alowilng shudras to wear this sacred thread of Hindus caled Janju. On the other hand, Sikhs are ordained to wear sword hung from the gatra as a symbol of Shakti and all sikhs are supposed to wear it without any discrimination. The Kirpan is one of the five essential symbols as mark of identify of Sikhs. The Kirpan is to be used in self-defence and makes a Sikh self-confident and brave every ready to sacrifice for the upliftment of down troden and oppressed class of people. Kirpan is to be used only when all other efforts fail to obtain justice for all.

You have, I think, clearly understood the difference between the "JANJU'" and "GATRA WITH KIRPAN'. GATRA without SWORD has no meaning.

with regards,


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  1. Old Comment
    Narayanjot Kaur's Avatar
    Guru Naanak does say there is no NEED for symbols. He does not say refuse all symbols. His point is that symbols do not take the place of real devotion. And that too often people confuse the wearing of symbols -- beads, threads, earings, saffron robes -- with true belief and devotion. One cannot replace belief with symbols.

    Symbols however have meaning -- not a new idea. So the Janju is saying that different groups of people are more worthy in their spirituality than others. And Kirpan is saying that all are equal in our duty to fight/upholod justice for all. Especially justice for the downtrodden.

    And isn't it interesting that Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji was asking Sikhs to wear the kirpan, fight for the downtrodden, who were? They were Hindus.
    Posted 17-Feb-2008 at 22:04 PM by Narayanjot Kaur Narayanjot Kaur is offline
  2. Old Comment
    jasbirkaleka's Avatar
    We know that most Sikhs wear gatra only as a symbol.the truth is very few Sikhs care to uphold THE TRUTH as propogated by our Gurus..
    Posted 31-Oct-2008 at 21:52 PM by jasbirkaleka jasbirkaleka is offline
    Updated 31-Oct-2008 at 21:59 PM by jasbirkaleka (Pressed wrong key on keyboard)
  3. Old Comment
    gatra is for carrying your kirpan to save helpless not like janeu which shows we are upper caste
    Posted 01-Jun-2009 at 03:48 AM by pritam.psingh pritam.psingh is offline
  4. Old Comment
    GURU NANAK only says that ONLY he has the right to bear janjua if he possess the qualities mentioned in the shabad,similarliy if we have the qualities of true sikh we have the right to bear five kakars other wise SHUBH AMLAN BAJHON DOVE ROI
    Posted 07-Oct-2012 at 04:13 AM by sukhdev singh grewal sukhdev singh grewal is offline
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