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Sikh Philosophy Network » Blogs » dilraj7447 » How to prevent sikh erosion
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How to prevent sikh erosion

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Posted 20-Jul-2009 at 16:35 PM by dilraj7447

Waheguruje ka Khals te Wahegure Je ke Fateh !

I am a sikh guy born and bouth up in Mohali.

I started working in Gurgaon since last 10 years. From mY School time , I started observing in Mohali that many of my sikh friends started cutting their hair who were wearing turbans. I fail to understand who inspires them or rather I consider them weak persons who might me great in their work but weak internally. Y weak as they cannot carry themselves in a way our Gurus wanted us to.

Then I also observed that Sikh girls dont feel comfortable moving with Sikh Guys. They want Clean Shaven Sikh guys . Koi Pucche Ke SARDAR munda Clean Shaven Ho sakda hai . A Sardar guy is one who is dressed in a a beautiful turban and a beard .

What a Shame ! Can any Sikh girl reply me ke SAADE Gurujee SOHNE te Tejwaan nahi San. Then why do these girls are heel bent on moving with so called muslim and hindu guys nd not feel proud of moving with Sikhs.

I urge to Sikh boys and sikh girls to revive that strong feeling of being true to their religion and join hand in hand to promote the same. WIth so skimpy clothes being worn by HARD KAUR and hair being trimmed by most of the popular so called sikh singers nad their own children , what influence they are doing on Sikhism rather than upgrading just eroding the religion?

what can we do in action ? iw ould like to have who believes in action then words to show that Guru Gobhing sinh jee really wanted strong Sikh Guys and Girls !!!!!!
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  1. Old Comment
    Narayanjot Kaur's Avatar
    Great and inspiring post veerji
    Posted 24-Jul-2009 at 11:24 AM by Narayanjot Kaur Narayanjot Kaur is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Today it is all about fitting in. instead of standing out from the crowd (reason for our identity), we are trying to fit in more than ever.
    Posted 28-Jul-2009 at 00:09 AM by purelife32 purelife32 is offline
  3. Old Comment
    danielle k's Avatar
    The person who introduced me into Sikhism himself had cut hair. Although I agree that the turban is a beautiful thing that no one should feel the need to remove from themselves and also that keeping kesh is a sign of devotion (and discipline), do you think that maybe sometimes keeping these things is about pride? And maybe that is the flipside to the negative "need to fit in". Surely if someone practises sewa and simran and puts his whole heart into being a good Sikh the hair is not important..? Not saying that these guys who cut their hair necessarily do that. I'm just saying cutting your hair doesn't necessarily mean that you're bad and not cutting doesn't necessarily mean that you are good.

    I'm having trouble now personally as I am trying to keep kesh and leave my hair growing but am worried about keeping tidy for office. What if my hair looks untidy or unhealthy? There is especially so much pressure on women to look a certain way... to fit in. Have you any thoughts on that?
    Posted 10-Aug-2009 at 20:48 PM by danielle k danielle k is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Dear all,

    First of all, we have to be proud in what we are.

    Secondaly sikhs are minority, and as a minority we have more responsibilities than any other.

    Biggest responsibility is to educate others of our belief, faith and practices.

    And when others know what we exactly are they wont ask us to fit in anymore. They will start accepting us as we are.

    So need is to educate others as much as we can.

    Second responsibility is to be skillful, If we are skillful in whatever we do, than no-one can refuse us a job. Being Minority we should target for the top spot. otherwise some one else will grab the top spot, and we will fall in trap of cursing our own faith rather than our lack of skills. So focus should be on skill improvement.

    Regarding the posting subject,I would say Females are the driver of any faith. It is very easy to blame females for eroding sikhism but at the same time it becomes hard to answer for males why females are not allowed as head Granthi at Golden temple.

    I would say give Sikh faith in the hands of our beloved daughters, sisters, mothers and see our faith flourish. Beacuse a daughter turns mother and mother is the first teacher of her baby. Give them the required recognition and they will start working for sikhism and I am sure they will work better than any male counterpart these days.


    Rupinder Singh
    Posted 28-Aug-2009 at 22:52 PM by Rupinder.Singh Rupinder.Singh is offline
  5. Old Comment
    I am a Sikh who has been born in to a sikh family and have been given a very basic knowledge of sikhism. All my life i have been brought up with cut hair and now I am 17 and have been shaving my beard. I want to know why as sikhs we have the duty to grow our hair. I understand that sikhism is a beautiful and intricate religion most definately so expertly woven I will not be able to understand its subtleties however I think that our Guru's wanted us to treat our fellow human beings with equality so Dilraj Singh I would emplore you not to look down upon Sikh men with cut hair rather I would urge you to drive them to look at there actions and see that they should get back into sikhi. I have lived my whole life striving to be something better but I am a weak willed person and I confess I do not have the courage to take a step towards sikhi I believe it is easy to take step back from sikhism bu cutting your kes however I know it I hard to find the strength to take steps towards sikhism. I would also like comment on the fact that you mention girls not finding attraction in men with kes from what I have seen I believe if a girl does not like you because you have kes then you should not be disheartened, ratherurage in the fact that she was not the women for you. Also regarding your point about:

    "Then I also observed that Sikh girls dont feel comfortable moving with Sikh Guys. They want Clean Shaven Sikh guys . Koi Pucche Ke SARDAR munda Clean Shaven Ho sakda hai . A Sardar guy is one who is dressed in a a beautiful turban and a beard."

    I believe that if you are a good loving man you will find the right women in your life. From your observation that "Sikh girls dont feel comfortable moving with Sikh Guys," well that in this, society dominated by Kaljug, is lust and is wrong. Think about it any women in her right mind would find attraction on all levels in a singh so don't feel ddisheartened when you see clean shaven men going ou with these lustful women just remember that your Guru will reward you for you temperence and understanding. I hope i have provided and answer to your question having grown up in Britian I have seen much "kaam, krod e.t.c around me but stay optimistic I know as a singh of Guru Gobind Singh ji that you will find strength and hopefully I will too
    Posted 07-Nov-2009 at 02:57 AM by LostBoat LostBoat is offline
  6. Old Comment
    please remember do not look down on them I think you should help these lost boats
    Posted 07-Nov-2009 at 02:58 AM by LostBoat LostBoat is offline
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