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I feel Sikh women have become weak today...

Posted 17-Nov-2009 at 16:46 PM by dilraj7447

Sat Sri AKal jee,

The heading seems to be quite disturbing at one sight. But the reality is even more disturbing than what is being written.

I have read different articles and people views but are we really trying to understand the fact why we as SIkhs are going down ( I am sure if the things which are going today then definitly we will become extinct very soon ) . But we need to dig down the reason for this outfall. The media to blame for portraying Sikhs in Bad Image....
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How to Prevent Sikh Erosion

Posted 17-Nov-2009 at 16:07 PM by dilraj7447

This is reply to all my dear sikh friends who have spared their precious time to reply.

My purpose of writing this is :

1. An earnest request to all sikh guys and girls to have their distinct Identity intact .

2. Keeping in consideration today"s kalyug world where lustful men/women from any religion are doing all those wrong acts , A simple urge to all sikh guys / girls to keep faith in sikhism and not let you fitting into other way but raise urselves...
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How to prevent sikh erosion

Posted 20-Jul-2009 at 16:35 PM by dilraj7447

Waheguruje ka Khals te Wahegure Je ke Fateh !

I am a sikh guy born and bouth up in Mohali.

I started working in Gurgaon since last 10 years. From mY School time , I started observing in Mohali that many of my sikh friends started cutting their hair who were wearing turbans. I fail to understand who inspires them or rather I consider them weak persons who might me great in their work but weak internally. Y weak as they cannot carry themselves in a way our Gurus wanted...
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