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Cancelled Angiogram, what now

Posted 26-Jan-2012 at 14:58 PM by harry haller

The Cardiologist rang yesterday, I know him of old, he thinks Im funny, hmm lets face it, most people think Im funny, for years I thought that people always seemed to be laughing, then my wife pointed out that they were usually laughing at/with me, so I guess I amuse people

He does not think there is any need whatsoever for an angiogram, he is absolutely certain it is scar tissue, so the end is cancelled.

I am quite relieved, Sian is quite relieved, I am really relieved...
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Harry, Reincarnation no 29

Posted 24-Jan-2012 at 04:27 AM by harry haller

I take my reincarnations very seriously, looking back, each reincarnation has brought me closer and closer to Creator, a little less attachment, a little more honesty, a little less fear, a bit more truth, a bit more pleasure in the simple things, a little less reliance on easy pleasures.

The butcher next door has closed shop and moved a few miles away, I think he needed a new challenge, luckily, the other baby, a boy, is healthy and well, I drove over to see him the other night,...
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The end...........

Posted 21-Jan-2012 at 22:03 PM by harry haller

The angiogram appt arrived this morning, it is booked for Friday...

I have been waiting for this day for 7 years, judgement day, if I am really lucky, they will be as clean as a babies arteries, however, they are not arteries, they are veins, pulled from my left leg, and are not as hardy as arteries, so, I should expect some clogging, either way, I think I have pushed the ante as far as I can, when I had my bypass, and drifted further and further into less exercise, less good diet...
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Shabad Surati Dhun Chella-I

Posted 21-Jan-2012 at 13:28 PM by Taranjeet singh (Foreign Aid by India…)

After looking at some other sikhi sites all that can be concluded is shabad is Guru.Shabad is Naam. The Dhuni /sound produced on its[Naam] recital is to be listened to consciously and it becomes the disciple. The listening of the voice of Guru makes the consciousness meet the Guru; Naam simran. There would be a time , may be after long period, when the chell starts listening to the eternal 'shabad' i.e all pervasive infinite wisdom.; the true Guru..It makes a perfect sense.

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Is it the end?

Posted 18-Jan-2012 at 15:43 PM by harry haller

My agitated state continued through the week, as the weekend approached, I felt I was a million different people being pulled in a million different directions, by Saturday night, I felt I was walking dead, the lust thief was too powerful, too much in control, I would probably spend the rest of my years going mad, the struggle between lust and Guruji eventually blowing a gasket, given my history of heart attacks and surgery, I gave myself about 10 years.

Sunday morning I woke at...
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