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10 Scandalous Facts About Historical Figures

Posted 30-Dec-2011 at 19:12 PM by BaljinderS
Tags ghandi

A very warm Sat Sri Akal to everyone!

This is my first blog. Have a read about Ghandi!

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Back to Earth

Posted 30-Dec-2011 at 14:59 PM by harry haller

The other evening has had a profound effect on me, coupled with the a visit to the dentist, I feel more awake and connected to Creation than I have in a long time, firstly, like with my wife, we all want the special things that exist in a relationship, but we overlook the foundations that keep us sane, that was a good lesson for me, but to couple it with the dentist has left me beaming all over.

I had to get a tooth pulled yesterday, and I will be honest, I was scared! I hate the...
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Everything is relative

Posted 29-Dec-2011 at 21:45 PM by harry haller

I had a moan at my wife the other night, We were in bed, watching TV, the dogs were, as usual in bed, the cat was, as usual trying to sit on my head, I thought back to the days before the 8 animals that now live with us, when we were younger and carefree, when we could just take off and go somewhere, or stay the night and see the theatre, and I felt pretty cheated, so I had a moan, and as I moaned I watched my wifes face crumble, she had just completed a 5 day shift, and it was her first evening...
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The voices in my head

Posted 21-Dec-2011 at 17:10 PM by harry haller

The promised attempt to indulge in more Bani never happened, there is a lot going on at the minute, the irony being I would be much better placed to deal with it if I was in a better state of mind is not lost on me, it does beg the question what is stopping me,.

Another long bath yesterday, my mind is agitated, it is not at peace, I tried to focus on what I should be doing, but there are so many voices, so many thoughts, it is hard to know who I am sometimes.

I attempted...
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Not A Word of English

Posted 15-Dec-2011 at 10:18 AM by Inderjeet Kaur

A few years ago, I became good friends with a pretty typical North American Sikh family. You know them. A husband and wife, a couple of kids and the husband's widowed mother brought over from Punjab. A nice family, nothing unusual.

I was friendly with the wife, a woman of my generation who had run a small in-home daycare for quite a few years. Her husband was a hard-working businessman, sort of successful, but not getting rich. The kids, a girl and her younger brother, were in high...
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SPN Sewadaar
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