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Re: VB Code to print to .pdf

It should be the same


"Jennifer Cali" wrote in message
> Would the name of the printer be the name I see when I select the dropdown
> or
> is there another "name" that is recoginized by the computer?
> --
> Thank you! - Jennifer
> "UpRider" wrote:
>> Jennifer, the below code works for me. You don't have to mess around
>> with
>> changing the default printer and then changing it back again. The code
>> changes the target printer for this report this time. Works for any
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
>> report,
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
>> any printer (Not tested for networked printers). Access 2003.
>> HTH, UpRider
>> DoCmd.OpenReport "YourReportName", acViewPreview
>> Application.Reports("YourReportName").Printer =
>> Application.Printers("YourPDFPrinter")
>> "Jennifer Cali" wrote in message
>> >I want to print the file to .pdf, but am not sure how to code the VB to
>> >do
>> > it. Right now the print is going to the default printer; I need to
>> > change
>> > the
>> > printer that it prints to.
>> > --
>> > Thank you! - Jennifer


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