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Re: Japji Sahib - Pauri 4 - Guru Granth Sahib

@ admin @gyani ji
surely mates i m new here so sort of mixed the both. But i think knowing punjabi would help a lot on this forum. I wonder how poor are those who dont know punjabi as they cant cherish the treasure given to us by ten gurus and many bhagats. But what do u guys think about my post??? Its intriguing , i hope my understanding & research is good enough regarding 4th pauri. But v must keep polishing ourselves not only in just discussing the gurbani but also in following it.

I personally would advise who so ever reads it, that dont just read gurbani, discuss it go deep into it and then follow it because its a treasure and only through this treasure we are going to get to that gem called naam. which naam??? The one that i have discussed above.
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network
Reference:: Sikh Philosophy Network

May god help you alll on the path of enlightenment.
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